March 15, 2019
To Chuck Warren, Utah is home, which explains why he strongly supported Republican Mia Love in her first run for Congress from the state’s 4th Congressional District. Chuck served as her Finance Co-Chair, and he did a phenomenal job at that. Ms. Love wasn’t surprised; she knew he was remarkably qualified for the job based on his long record as a prolific fundraiser. At various times, Chuck Warren has served as the Utah and Arizona Finance Chair for the National Republican Congressional Committee. He also has shined in prominent campaign finance roles with a large number of Republican campaigns for Congress and even a few presidential campaigns, to the point that he was chosen as one of “Campaigns and Elections” magazine’s Influencers 500 in 2013.

Despite the fact that he has worked in most other states, to Chuck Warren, Utah is special. As managing director for Silver Bullet, LLC, Chuck Warren has dealt with a wide variety of issues and situations on behalf of multinational corporations, high-profile law firms, developers and many other types of organizations.

Over nearly a quarter century now, Chuck Warren Utah businessman and resident, has developed a strong reputation for taking on difficult assignments. He manages to do so in a way that produces the best results possible and companies and political operatives have come to trust him. His strategies usually result in increased project awareness, in a way that makes many projects successful. One of the most prominent examples is the $1 billion he secured from Congress and the Department of Defense for his client, IOSTOR, which will go to the production of commercial reusable in-space transportation.